BUNDLE | Let's Get Organised Planner x3
BUNDLE | Let's Get Organised Planner x3
BUNDLE | Let's Get Organised Planner x3
BUNDLE | Let's Get Organised Planner x3

BUNDLE | Let's Get Organised Planner x3

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Would you like 5 months worth of the Let's Get Organised Planner? Or do you want to give some to friends? Then this bundle is for you! 

The bundle contains 3 Let's Get Organised Planners

Designed to help you schedule your day for success, the Let's Get Organised planner is your solution to a productive day. 

Each planner is A5 size, and each has 50 tear off sheets. 

Planner Features:

Morning Routine:  Write down what you are looking forward to, as even if you don’t have the most exciting day planned, there is always something to look forward to! Next you write down how you want to feel by the end of the day. As you have to start your day with good intention. Also create your daily habits, there is a check box for when you have completed your meditation and affirmation (and also enough space to add your own!)

Next we move on to the schedule, I am obsessed with time blocking and feel it is the best way to be productive. You can schedule each hour of your day and it just makes you procrastinate so much less so that you get far more done!

Now on to the to do list! I have always loved writing a to do list, and find it so helpful when I have lots to accomplish. 3 of the points are in pink, and this is for the 3 most important tasks of the day, the 3 things that you have to get done!

On the right hand side of the planner there is a box to track your fitness. You can write down what workouts you are doing for the day, and also make a note of how you feel after.

Below that there is a box for notes, so if anything comes to mind during the day, you can jot it down quick!

We then move onto your meal tracker, you can either plan your meals in advance with this, or just use it to track what you are eating.

Next to that we have your 5 a day and water tracker! This is so important in leading a healthy lifestyle! You should be having 3 portions of veg, and 2 portions of fruit a day. There is also some research saying having 7 a day can be good, so there are 2 stars to mark any extras. You should be having 8 glasses of water a day and having this on my planner really helps me to remind me!

Then onto the final bit of the planner! The evening routine box! End your day by writing down 3 things you are grateful for, it’s so important to take some time to focus on the good things, and means you can end your day positively.

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