The Project Plan Vision Book
The Project Plan Vision Book

The Project Plan Vision Book

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The Project Plan Vision Book puts your dreams, goals and plans all into one place. It gives you the inspiration you need to start creating your dream life.

Inspired by the idea of a vision board, putting your goals out into the world is one of the best ways to start achieving your dreams. 

The Vision Book kit includes everything you need to start creating your dream life...

- The Book- A beautiful watercolour purple and blue print, with an inspirational quote on the front. The photo shows the quote anything is possible however if you would like a different quote please let us know! You can also choose to personalise the book with your name to make it extra special! 

- 2 Sticker Sheets- You want to organise and categorise your goals to each page, which is why we have included a sticker sheet that you can title each page with. You also get a sheet with positive works on, to stick onto each page to give that added inspiration. 

- 3 Quote Cards- Giving the ultimate inspiration to help you set your goals and achieve your dream life.  

-3 Picture Cards- Helps you to decorate the pages of your book, pair with photos of your own to create the perfect vision book.

The Vision Book makes a perfect gift for anyone who is in need of a bit of inspiration and wants to create their dream life. 

It is also the perfect gift for yourself if you are into self development and feel a bit stuck on where you want to be in life.

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