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Why You Should Be Using Planner Stickers

For todays post I decided I should write about the reasons why I use stickers in my planner. I have been using planner stickers for 3 years now, and they have helped me become more organised in many ways. Below I have listed my top 5 reasons why I think you should start using them in your planner.

1. They help highlight important tasks/dates- I find that using stickers is the perfect way to make a certain event stand out in my planner. I often have so much written down so when I use stickers it makes it stand out more, highlighting the important bit of information.

2. They are a visual way of viewing your week- This means that you can quickly see what is going on, such as I can use a nail polish sticker when I am having my nails done, or a car sticker for driving lessons. It allows me to instantly see what I have planned for that day, without having to read through everything.

3. It helps prioritise- I designed the heart checkboxes so that they have 5 spaces for 5 different tasks each day. This is because previously I tired to cram too much into my day and I always felt deflated when I didn't get half of it done. By only having space to write down 5 tasks has made me so much more productive as it means I really have to prioritise what needs to be done that day.

4. It allows you to segment your day into different sections- When I was studying for my A-levels I found using stickers to segment my day so helpful! I would make sure I use stickers so that I could section of part of my planner just for the college and part of it for running my business, this allowed me to group different tasks into the different sections which really helped with my organisation.

5. Scrapbooking- Finally the other reason I use planner stickers is because they allow me to keep a scrapbook of my year. As much as I would love to have a separate scrapbook, like many people I just don't have the time so making my planner pretty by using stickers is the perfect alternative! I always like to look back at the previous year and have a look at what stickers I was using then and also reading what I was doing at that time. Using planner stickers is a way of planning your life whilst also keeping a memory scrapbook.

I really hoped you have enjoyed reading this post! If you don't already use planner stickers I hope this has given you some more information about them and the different ways they can be used. If you need any planner inspiration come and take a look at my Instagram @projectplan where I regularly post my planner spreads.