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A Few Changes...

Hello everyone! I just wanted to write a quick post explaining the new exciting changes to the sticker section of the shop!

I have came up with a few new ideas recently as I wanted to offer some more options especially to the sticker kits. This includes the introduction of 2 new kit formats- Micro and Maxi! I have explained below what you get inside each kit, and hopefully this will help you decide on what kit suits your planning style best.


First up we have the brand new Maxi kits! These include 8 sheets and are designed for those of you who love lots of stickers and no white space spreads! They are also perfect if you like to try and get multiple weeks planned with just 1 kit, as you get so many stickers!

The first 5 sheets are the same as what you get in a Midi kit (see below) however you then get an extra sheet with deco (or a double box) and more checklists and functional stickers. With the maxi kits you then get to choose a sheet from a set of options (Fitness, Healthy eating, Studying, or Business Owner, or Functional). I really wanted to introduce a way that kits could be made more personal for you so I thought by adding a sheet that you could choose between a set of options would be a good idea. Finally in the maxi kit you also get a glitter headers sheet.

Maxi Kits are priced at £9


Next we have the Midi kit- There are no changes here! You receive 5 sheets of stickers and can get a whole week (sometimes 2) out of them! They're also perfect if you love a no white space spread, but don't want as many stickers as what you get in a maxi kit.

Midi Kits are priced at £7.50


Thirdly we have the Mini kits and there are no changes here either. Mini kits are perfect if you like a white space spread and don't want to use too many stickers. Lots of people also use mini kits in a variety of planners, so the stickers can be adapted to fit other planners really easily.

Mini kits are priced at £4


Finally we have the new Micro kits! They only include 1 sheet so they are ideal for minimal planning with only a few stickers. Like all of the other kits they are designed for the Erin Condren Vertical Life Planner, however they can be easily adapted to fit a variety of different planners/diaries.

Micro kits are priced at £3

I really hope you love the new formats! I will be adding more designs over the next few weeks. If you have any questions please let me know!