Where Your Wellness Really Comes From

Today we have our second guest blog post and this month it is from the fantastic Dawn from www.theflourishingmidlife.com Dawn has written a super informative post all about where your wellness really comes from, and she has also included an amazing offer for readers at the bottom of this post! 

Written By: Dawn, Website www.theflourishingmidlife.com


Wellness – the spring in our step, that deep sense of joy. We all love the feeling and recognise when it shows up.

So where does it come from and how can we have more of it?

Scrolling through social media you’d be forgiven for thinking wellbeing comes from what we own or how we look. 

Or maybe it comes from the self-care routine we lovingly created which started off as so nurturing but seems to have deteriorated into yet more chores to be completed each day. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing these activities especially when we enjoy them in their own right. But when we are doing and acquiring simply to achieve an end result, a feeling of wellbeing, of inner peace, this is when we’re getting it the wrong way round. We start to believe our wellbeing revolves around something outside us. 

The good news is that wellbeing is already a part of who we are. 

We don’t have to buy more or do anything to discover it. We don’t have to run ourselves ragged trying to develop or maintain it. 

It’s already there inside, waiting quietly for us. 

It comes as part of the human package.

Maybe that seems a little strange when we’re struggling with world events or personal problems play on our mind. But wellbeing isn’t about complication of adding anything extra to our life. 

It’s about simplicity.

Even in the most trying of circumstances, the most difficult of episodes in our lives, all of us can point to moments when we have gasped at the beauty of a sleeping child, shared a deep connection with a loved one or feel taken out of ourselves by the power of an amazing view. 

We have that sense of wellbeing, however fleeting, and it wasn’t created by doing anything specific. It was more about falling into the feeling.

All of us have these experiences. Perhaps they are more obvious when we’re on holiday or doing something we enjoy but it is possible to deliberately tap into them more in daily life. 

This sense of wellbeing naturally develops as we settle down and slow down our minds and our lives, as we notice the world as it is in this moment.

What we’re in effect doing is turning down and tuning out the loud voice in our head so that we can hear the quiet, always present, gentle whispering of our soul. 

The voice that knows there is nothing wrong with us, that we’re not broken and that all is well.

So if you’re interested in uncovering your own innate wellbeing, trust it’s already there. 

Take one or two deep breaths and be with yourself, now, in this moment.

As you start to recognise your innate wellbeing, I promise you, it will become a greater part of your life and you will know it’s always there with you no matter what the circumstances of your life.


We hope you have enjoyed reading this wonderful post! Dawn is also very kindly offering a 50% discount for readers of this blog if they would like to join her Wellbeing Formula mini-course. Just follow the links to the sign-up page and insert the coupon PROJECTPLAN https://flourishing1.teachable.com/p/thewellbeingformula

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