Stay Organised and Unwrap Joy with the Ultimate Christmas Planner!

The best season of the year is slowly approaching. As the months pass and the seasons begin to change, whether we like it or not, Christmas is just around the corner. With endless lists of things to sort, organise, and collect, it can quickly become overwhelming and stressful. Since you're such a busy person, you're no doubt looking for products to help you get through the annual Christmas hustle and bustle.

This Christmas Planner is all about helping you get through the busiest time of the year. With specific sections such as a Christmas menu planner, spending tracker and card list. This Christmas planner is sure to help you out at an exceptionally reasonable price whilst also containing absolutely everything you need.

So, who is the Project Plan?

We are a small UK-based stationery retailer aiming to give you the tools you need to stay organised. Our goal is to free you from the organisational stresses of everyday life so you can enjoy life to the fullest.

This new Christmas Planner release is an innovative and unique product not found at any other retailer on the market, with many additional features detailed below.


Weekly/ Monthly pages

The months before Christmas are such a stressful and hectic time, which is why it's so important to start planning a few months in advance. This planner has monthly and weekly sections, preventing tasks from becoming unmanageable and allowing you to allocate your monthly and weekly tasks. Preventing the last-minute Christmas Eve panic.

Regardless of the size of your handwriting, the planner spaces are clear, simple to read, and well-spaced. Since this planner is undated, it can be used repeatedly over a long period of time, benefiting both the environment and your wallet in the long run.

Festive and cohesive theme

The gorgeously seamless and unified Christmas theme of the planner is a terrific feature. It won't ever get lost in your home because of its intricate and striking design. This product's excellent quality construction guarantees that no matter what is thrown at it, it will be resilient and long-lasting.

Gift tracking and Decoration planning

Our planner stands head and shoulders above the competition, in contrast to other
products on the market that don't include all the elements required for the holiday season.

We have integrated all the aspects that are lacking from other generic Christmas planners and combined them into one. We have spent a lot of time, effort, and study developing the features that are actually needed by our customers.

This planners present budgeter section allows you to not only keep track of what you need to buy and what you don't, but also to note exactly where you've stashed those thoughtful gifts for your loved ones. We've all been there: everything is planned out months in advance, and by the time Christmas Eve rolls around, the present for your in-laws is missing. Your heart sinks as you realise that it's too late to get them anything before Christmas day and all the stores are closed. But with the help of our new Christmas planner, this won't ever happen again.

Prepare yourself months in advance to reduce the stress of last-minute decorating. You can eliminate uncertainty by listing everything you have in your loft in the decoration planning area. Enabling you to expand your collection of decorations without ever having to worry about purchasing the same decoration twice. Additionally, if you have a specific Christmas theme in mind, you can plan out how to decorate your home precisely in this area.

Food Inventory & Christmas Menu Planner

Possibly the most demanding yet crucial aspect of Christmas is the food. No matter how hard you try, at least one thing will inevitably slip your mind. You can keep track of exactly what you have and don't have in the last weeks before Christmas with the help of the food inventory. It will not only keep you organised but also reduce your tension. There will be no more frantic Christmas Eve shopping because you’ve forgotten something. With its menu planner function, it makes planning a Christmas dinner simple. It eliminates guessing and makes it easier for you to keep track of how many people you will need to feed on Christmas Day.

Activity Planner

We are aware of how stressful the holidays can be for all of the working parents out there.It's simple to get caught up in the holiday hustle when there are Christmas pantomimes, Christmas grottos, and reindeer to see. Everything is kept in one convenient section of this activity planner.

Getting organised has never been easier, maximise your Christmas fun, and never forget another Christmas party again.

Affordable and Accessible

Despite the amazing qualities of this product, it is incredibly accessible and reasonable. At the incredible price of £14.99, it is the perfect price to avoid breaking the bank before the Christmas rush. Additionally, our user-friendly website ( and Etsy shop ( both offer safe, prompt shipping and welcoming customer support.

As we are a UK-based brand shipping times may vary for different countries, but don’t let this hold you back to having a stress-free Christmas. We also provide a digital version of this fantastic planner, so no matter your lifestyle, schedule or how busy you are, there will be a perfect planner for you.

So, if you're ready to have an all-in-one Christmas planner that not only makes your life easier but also lowers stress and increases your Christmas fun: You're in the right place.

Christmas will suddenly seem like a breeze, and the stressful Christmas days will never return.

With our brand, Project Plan, you can be confident of the highest quality while also
knowing that you are assisting a small business with a great mission and message. With a commitment to offering the best customer service possible.

Get your Ultimate Christmas Planner here:

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