How To Organise Your Leftover Stickers?


You have so many stickers especially leftover stickers from kits, but your not sure how to organise them? Then this post is for you! 

I recently sat down and organised my entire sticker collection! I have so many stickers but I wanted them to be organised into specific categories so that I could find everything easier. 

The main part was organising all of my leftover stickers and sticker samplers, as I love keeping sticker samplers, and I also use a lot of sticker kits and always keep the leftovers from them! 

I have used my pink swirl initial sticker book to organise everything in! I love anything personalised which is why I decided to use this one as my main sticker book! 

The sticker books contain 50 sheets (100 sides) of special release paper. It is very much like sticker backing paper, meaning you can stick all of your stickers down and then just peel them off when you need to use them. This makes them perfect for sticker storage! 

The best way I have found is to have each page for a different type of sticker. Such as I have a couple of dedicated pages for glitter header stickers, and then I also categorise certain stickers onto other pages, so I keep all workout/fitness related stickers together. 


Organising it like this makes it so easy when I need to find a particular sticker, instead of searching trying to find what I am looking for, I just have to look in my sticker book and I can quickly see all of the stickers I need. 

I currently only have 1 sticker book set up, but I still have some leftover stickers so I am going to set up another one too! I think I will use my Village Bloom one next! 

If you are wanting a perfectly organised sticker collection, then sticker books are the way to go! 

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