5 Ways To Make Planning Your Week More Exciting

Hi everyone! 

So todays post is all about planning and how to get the most from it. Personally I love planning my week, however I know that this is not the same for everyone so I thought I would write a post with 5 tips that might help you enjoy it a bit more. 



1. Change up how you plan. Maybe you are not enjoying it because you have been planning the same way for years. How about trying something new, maybe you could get a new planner with a complete different setup, or try planning weekly instead of daily. Changing your planning style can definitely help bring more excitement into planning! 


2. Dedicate certain time to planning. Personally I love planning my whole week on a Sunday. I sit down in the evening and really make it a part of my week. This means I don't feel rushed and I go into Monday feeling so organised. I also tend to daily plan too, so I have a schedule for the day. I make sure to give myself 10 minutes in the morning and sit and write everything I need to do, and then schedule this into hourly blocks. The 10 minutes in the morning saves me so much time throughout the day! 


3. Try some planner challenges. If you really want to try something different, you could take a look at some planner challenges and try them. There are lots on Pinterest and I also have some coming soon too, make sure to join the Facebook group so that you can join in! Planner challenges are a great way to try new planning styles and you never know you might even find a planning technique that  you have never heard of before! 


4. Take a look at some planning inspiration. Instagram is amazing for this! There are so many amazing planning accounts that are full of inspiration. Seeing some peoples planner spreads will definitely make you more excited to plan! 


5. Find some planning friends! One of the best parts about planning is the amazing community of people who are here to support you. We all love talking planners, sharing tips, and planning our weeks together. If you are looking to find some planner friends, our Facebook group is the perfect place to start! You can join here  www.fb.com/groups/projectplanstickers


I hope this blog post has given you some ideas on how you can make planning more exciting! 


Don't forget to join the Project Plan Facebook group where you will find so much planner inspiration! 


Just follow this link to join!  www.fb.com/groups/projectplanstickers


Chelsey x 

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