5 Top Tips To Help You Eat Healthier



I wanted to share with you 5 tips that will help you make some changes so that you can start eating healthier. It is definitely something I am continuously working on but I thought I would share some of the things that have really helped me! 

1. Be Realistic- Don't go making huge changes to your diet as the chances of sticking to them are very small. Instead think realistically as to what you can change or add in to your diet. Maybe this is making sure you are always having your 5 a day, or swapping to a healthier breakfast choice. These small changes will make such a difference over time, but are far easier to stick to when you are making those first steps to a healthier lifestyle. 


2. What Motivates You- Have a think about what motivates you, as this will really help when you are struggling. You are obviously reading this post for a reason, so you are definitely wanting to make a change. Have a think about why and then remind yourself of this whenever you go to make a unhealthy choice. 



3. Focus On What, Not How Much- I have found it has really helped to focus on what I am eating rather than how much I am eating. Instead of worrying about how many calories something has, instead I like to make healthier choices, such as having a piece of fruit as my snack. 


4. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind- If you are really struggling with making healthier choices, then the best way to do it is to get rid of all those unhealthy snacks. If they are not there to grab, you are probably not going to go out to get some so instead you will be forced to choose a healthier option. 


5. Find Support- I always find it is easier to stick to something if you can talk about it with others. There are so many online groups that you can participate in and the Project Plan Facebook group is always a great place to have a chat if you need some support! Having other people who are in a similar position or willing to listen will definitely help you stick to your new healthy choices! 


Hopefully this blog post has given you a few pointers on how you can start or continue to make healthier choices. We have shared some amazing content this week across all of the Project Plan social media platforms so make sure to take a look at them if you haven't already! 

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