5 Simple Tips To Help With Homeschooling

Hi everyone!
I wanted to do a post that will help anyone who is now homeschooling, hopefully these tips will help you get a bit more organised so you can make the time much more productive! Most of this advice also applies to those of you who are having online classes!
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1. Establish a routine- Even though for most of us we do not have much structure to our day, it is still so important to create a basic routine as this will help keep you and your child motivated to continue learning.
2. Set up a dedicated learning space- If possible, create a space which you and your child will associate with learning. This will help you to stay focused as there will be far fewer distractions.
3. Take Regular Breaks- Like in school where you get a break and lunch time, you need to make sure you are still doing this when homeschooling. You also don't want to spend too long on a particular lesson, otherwise your child will loose focus. Treat homeschooling similar to how a school day would be, whilst being flexible to what suits your child best.
4. Pre plan what you are going be teaching- It is so important to have a plan of what you are going to be teaching your child that week . Not only so you can keep track of what you have worked on, but having structure will also help to keep your child focused so they know what they are doing and when.
5. Use Real Life Problems- If your child is young, then a great idea is to use real life problems. This works especially well with subjects like maths, where you can create problem solving questions.
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