10 Positive Money Mindset Affirmations

Hi everyone! 

Last month when researching for my finance planner I kept discovering more information on the importance of having a positive money mindset. During the research process I learnt so much surrounding this topic so I want to share more of this with you.

For todays post I thought I would share a list of positive money affirmations. You can say these affirmations as many times as you like. To start with it will feel strange and you won't really believe what you are saying, but you just have to keep repeating them every day.

The thing is most people actually say the opposite to these affirmations, we are so used to saying stuff like "I am not earning enough' or 'I will never be successful'. This is what gets installed into our brains, but we need to change that.

Our mind is so powerful, and if we can change how we think we can really change so much. 

Saying these affirmations every day is going to do no harm, so why don't you try it? It will take less than 2 minutes out of your day, and you've got nothing to loose. 

1. I am worthy of making more money

2. My positive attitude is attracting money

3. I embrace new avenues of income

4. Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways

5. Wealthy constantly flows into my life

6. Money creates positive impact in my life

7. I welcome an unlimited source of income and wealth in my life

8. I enjoy making money and truly love my work

9. As I earn money, I will give generously

10. Financial security brings me joy and peace

Please do let me know if you are already use affirmations of if you are completely new to it and are going to give it a try! 

If you would like help with organising your finances, then take a look at my finance planner/workbook by clicking the banner below! It has everything you need to track you spending and savings whilst maintaining a positive money mindset! 


Speak Soon,

Chelsey x 

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